The Nazi Conspiracy

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Elements of the Nazi Conspiracy!


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Important letter concerning Hitler in Argentina.
The Nazi Conspiracy:Hitler and the Hanebu 3
Neu Schwabenland...the U-Boats and the UFO
A Vril member:the Great priestress Vera.
A painting by Hitler sold in auctions in Rotschild, London!
The Aircraft carrier "Neu Schwabenland" launch a Dornier-X hydravion toward Antartica.
The aircraft carrier Neu Schwabenland
Original design of an Hanebu 4
Inventor and ingener Walkter Miethe
Researches on new motor (for UFO):the 1937 Van de Graaf experiement SS1
U-Boat type XXVI-Designed for Neu Schwabenland.
First nazi UFO design (It worked)
Nazi Amerika Bomber project of 1945 (the time passed out)
Fleisner invention
Interview with Sauter ,the cameraman of the 1938-39 expedition.

Photos Suivantes >

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