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Over the coming days, we will identify both the origin and consequences of heavy sense of what is termed "the Nazi conspiracy."

It should be understood that it did not happen in isolation, it is the offshoot of the "Great Conspiracy", which has existed for several millennia!

In fact, the very origin of the plot is lost in the mists of time and is as old as falsehood itself! (See page on Great Conspiracy site


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Origin of the Nazi conspiracy

  The origin of the Nazi conspiracy dates back to the installation of the first Aryan peoples in the region now known under the name "Germany" or "Germany" (Germany, in English).

The whole mythology of the early Arian is steeped in stories talking about "gods descending from heaven with supernatural powers"!

Nazi mysticism:

Nazi mysticism is a movement initiation Völkisch rooted in both the doctrines of the Thule Society and the Theosophical Society in the ideas of Arthur de Gobineau. Guido List and Jörg Lanz-in Liebenfels were important figures early, and meaningful events after the Second World War were the foundation of Artgemeinschaft by Jürgen Rieger and that of Armanen-Orden in 1976 by Adolf Schleipfer. Daniel Gasman shows the influence of monism of Ernst Haeckel on Nazism.

According to some, Hitler himself seems to have raised some interest in the occult Nazi. For others, Hitler had only contempt for the occult and preferred political activism among the masses. However, the occult theories are directly and strongly influence the inner circle of Nazi ideologues. In particular, Heinrich Himmler and the SS, Alfred Rosenberg (the "philosopher" official Nazism), Rudolf Hess (Hitler's dolphin before fleeing in 1941), Richard Walther Darre (theorist of Nazism rural), are known for s' be interested in mysticism and the paranormal.

Esoteric Hitlerism is centered on the mythologies "pagan" (including Hindu) supposedly pre-Christian races to own data, and the inclusion of a mythologized figure of Adolf Hitler in the web of these mythologies.

The role played by mysticism in the development of Nazism and its ideals was identified by outsiders at least as early as 1940 with the publication of Occult Causes of the Present War ( "Occult Causes of the Present War") by Lewis Spence. In this regard, Spence identified precisely a pagan undercurrent in Nazism (which he attributed largely to Alfred Rosenberg), although some of his other claims - such as the connection of Nazism with the Illuminati (see our website builder = Defenders of the Earth), and automatically equating paganism with "Satanism" - may be less credible.


Core beliefs
Themes such as the origin of the Aryan race, the Teutons generally, and the Germanic peoples in particular and the presumed superiority of the so-called Aryans over other races, and what they claimed about their roots, are all key concepts.

Various locations, such as Atlantis, Thule, Hyperborea, Shambhala and others are suggested as the home of the original society of supermen.

Another key belief is that this Herrenrasse (superior race) has been weakened by interbreeding with what they see as Untermensch or inferior races.


The occult roots of Nazism
A cornucopia of theories and organizations mélant occultism and racism Germanic "Aryan" paved the way for Nazism in the early twentieth century. The theories will be developed in the heart of Nazi ideology, especially in Alfred Rosenberg (the "philosopher" of the party) and Himmler and the SS.


The Brotherhood of the Vril (late 19th century)


In his book Mr. Gurdjief Louis Pauwels said that some of the Vril Brotherhood (or large light box) was founded in Berlin in the late 19th century by the Rosicrucians, whose General Karl Haushofer.

The Vril Society was inspired by the ideas of Louis Jacolliot (esotericism, Indology, occult) and Edward Bulwer-Lytton (inventor of the character of Superman Tarzan) for his book "The race that we supplant" (1873), which was read by Hitler. The "Vril" is the hidden energy that allows itself to become a superman.

Most historians "official" claim that the Brotherhood of Vril did not exist, or unless such a society, if indeed it existed, had no impact on Nazism: it did is in fact not indicated data in the vast biography of Hitler by Ian Kershaw in nor the one made by Alan Bullock, not only in the biography of Hermann Göring by Werner Maser or the book on the history of the Schutzstaffel (SS) by Heinz Hoehne.


The Armani Guido List (1902)
The Armani is a theory developed by Pangerman Guido List, said "Guido von List" (1848-1919), occult writer (after 1902) supported by the Theosophists Viennese, who directed the first fusion of the occultism and ideology Pangerman. The Theosophists provide in particular the idea of the succession of 5 races in world history: breed astral Hyperborean (who lived at the poles and missing), lemurs (who lived on an island disappeared in the Indian Ocean), and Atlantean Aryan. Traditions tell Helena Blavatsky, founder of theosophy in 1875, was initiated in the Gobi by the elite priestly hidden ancient races (the SS will send a mission later in their research Gobi).


The "theory"
The armani posits that Germany was an ancient advanced civilization whose original religion, including rebirth and karmic determinism, expressed in two forms: an exoteric form (available at all) who was the Wotan and an esoteric form (reserved insiders) who was the Armani. The "Armanen" were, in theory, a legendary group of priest-kings of ancient Ario-Germanic nation, worship the sun god

Romanization and Christianization of Germany (by Charlemagne in particular) would have required the Armani to hide to perpetuate itself through organizations (guilds, holy Vehme, Templars, Rosicrucians and Freemasons ...) , text and captions (Edda Grail ..), architectural and heraldic symbols, etc..

List claims in 1911 then back to the golden age of traditional Germany, is the formation of a Germanic empire, racially "pure" religion armani.

According to the episode of the series "Decoding the Past" called "The Nazi Prophecies", The History Channel, Guido von List is the founder of Ariosophie. But it appears to be confusion with the theory of Lanz.


Organizations and influences armani
Guido List founded the Company List (1908) and the Higher Order Armanen (1911), who wants the best of the Company List.
The influence armani Pangermanists political organizations, in particular!

The newspaper Hammer (1902), then the groups of Germanic Renaissance (1908), then Reichshammerbund (1912).
The Germanen Orden (1912), issue of "Wotan Lodge" group led by Hammer and Hermann Pohl.
Rudolf Glauer said Sebottendorff Rudolf von (1875-1945), adventurer and lover of esoteric astrology, including having lived in the East, became chief of Orden Germanen in Bavaria, he transformed in 1918 into the Thule Society ( " Founded in Munich at the turn of the year 1917, 1918, (the Thule Society) was the embodiment of Germanen Orden founded in Leipzig in 1912 to consolidate several small groups and anti-Semitic organizations, "says the historian of the Nazi reference Ian Kershaw in Hitler 1889-1936: Hubris, Flammarion, 1999, page 218). This is the Thule Society who presides in 1919 to the formation of DAP German Workers Party, the Nazi party. The Thule Society is the nursery for future leaders of the movement and the Nazi regime (Ian Kershaw cites Gottfried Feder, Dietrich Eckart, Karl Harrer, Hans Frank, Rudolf Hess, Alfred Rosenberg, but not Hitler himself).
Dietrich Eckart, who has greatly influenced Hitler in his debut, is close to the publisher Tarnhari, himself much influenced by Guido List.
Under Nazi organizations Guido List, however, will be prohibited (in 1942), probably does not interfere with the occult doctrine "official" of the SS.
American historians Jackson Spielvogel and David Redler, but rather in favor of giving a place for occult theories in the formation of Nazism, "Hitler had had a direct and personal relationship with the Guido von List Society during his years in Vienna in 1907 -1913 has not been definitively established "..


The ariosophie Lanz-Liebenfels (1905)
The ariosophie (or théozoologie or Aryo-Christianity) is a theory developed by Jörg Lanz-Liebenfels (called "Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels") (1874-1954), Cistercian monk (1893) who left the church (in 1899 ). The ariosophie is a fusion of Christianity and Germanic racism. The theory was published in 1905 in the manifesto Theozoologie oder die Kunde von den Sodom-Äfflingen und dem Götter-Elektron (Théozoologie or Tradition Monkey Sodomites and Electrons of the Gods "). Lanz first called his doctrine théozoologie (emphasizing its "scientific") and Aryo-Christianity (on its religious character), before opting in 1920 for the label ariosophie (esoteric knowledge about the Aryans) , coined in 1915, we will remember.

Some authors, particularly the specialist Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke (1985), using the term "ariosophie" fairly generically to describe all the theories occulto-Aryan, including Armani Guido List.


The "theory"
The ariosophie postulates that race "Aryan" pure "descended from divine entities interstellar engendering by electricity. But the Aryans have "sinned" with monkeys, giving birth to human races more or less "pure" have lost their original power (it is a cover of racist theme of the Fall). As much of the mystique progagande Nazi book-Lanz Lienbenfels based on some pictures racolleuses denouncing the rape of white women by men ethnically inferior "and sexually active. According to this theory, the Catholic church would then betrayed his mission to remind the "gender-racist gnosis" of Christ. The Grail myth is reinterpreted as the pursuit of pure Aryan blood. Lanz announces the resurrection of gnosis gender racist Aryans finding, by selecting their "purity" Racial and hence their divine powers which enable them to establish an Aryan state world (the "third age"). Lanz advocated mass castration of "singoïdes" males and other "inferior".


Organizations and influences ariosophie
The ariosophie has directly expressed through:

The magazine Ostara (1905-1913), who was a great success. She used the symbol of the swastika.
The Order of the Temple or New Order New Templars (1907-1942), who had counted 300 members, including Guido List, and the musician Strindberg. It was disbanded in 1942.
The Lumen Club (Vienna, 1932-1942), which is a breeding ground for the Nazi Party in Austria until 1938. It was disbanded in 1942.
A group in Berlin Circle sometimes called Swastika. The editor Lanz, Herbert Reichstein, transforms it into an institute (1925), then Ariosophique Society (1926). In 1928 it was renamed Neue Kalandsgesellschaft or NKG (Guido List Kaland the term used to describe a secret lodge) to join the Society after aryosophique ideas Lanz and Armani List. It becomes Ariosophische Kulturzentrale (1931). She opened a school to ariosophique Pressbaum (course on runes, biorhythms, yoga and Kabbalah. Aryosophique The Society's membership included Schwartz-Bostunicht (near Anthroposophy of Rudolf Steiner, the head of theosophy, anthroposophy in Germany, then close to Alfred Rosenberg, professor and SS Colonel), Wehrmann (astrologer, founder of SA Pforzheim).
The Catholic anti-Nazi Austrian psychologist Wilfried Daim was highlighted in 1957 by Lanz influence on Hitler (Der Mann, der Hitler die Ideen gab, 1957). Daim says Lanz met Hitler in July 1909 (on the basis of evidence of deer Lanz 1951) and he read (in 1910), the magazine Ostara (on the basis of testimony of Josef Greiner a friend of Hitler at the time).

Lanz said several times that Hitler was influenced by his movement. . The Hitler's personal library contained a book of Lanz and a book bearing the inscription: "An Adolf Hitler, meinem lieben Armanenbruder." .

Some historians of reference reflect the idea that Hitler read Ostara, as the German historian Joachim Fest

Other historians, however, relativize the influence of Lanz on Hitler as highlighted by Wilfried Daim: American historian Richard Weikart (California State University) reported in 2001 and the position of the Austrian historian Brigitte Hammann (University of Vienna ): "Hamann's approach makes good sense, admitting that Hitler might have read the magazine Ostara Lanz, but considering that the racism of Hitler's Aryan bear more the mark of Guido von List".

General Karl Haushofer (1869-1946)


General Karl Haushofer founded and directed the Institute of Geopolitics in Munich. The influence of the safest Haushofer on Nazism is his friendship with Rudolf Hess, who was his pupil.

Many rumors have run against him. Some say he was a fanatical ideas of the Russian magician and metaphysician George Gurdjieff. He is said to have studied Zen Buddhism and have been initiated by Tibetan lamas. Haushofer had claimed to have been in contact with secret Tibetan Lodges possessing the secret of "Superman", an idea that would become central to the eugenic policies of Nazi party.

Historians (German historian Hans-Adolf Jacobsen (University of Bonn) and the French Jean Klein géopolitologue) recognize "similarities between thought and action of Geopolitics in Munich and some canvass Nazi" (including the concept of space vital), its relationship with Rudolf Hess and the attempt to influence the Nazi foreign policy through his son Albrecht Haushofer (professor and "eminence grise in some diplomatic negotiations," executed by the Gestapo in 1945). However, they believe that "he had no part in the drafting of" Mein Kampf "and that its influence was limited: it was for something in the alliance with Japan but failed in their views of alliance with the Danubian States and Anglo-Saxon.


The Thule Society (1918-1925)
In 1915, Pohl was joined by Rudolf Glauer. Glauer, also known as Rudolf von Sebottendorf, came to Germany with a Turkish passport and was a follower of the Sufi meditation and astrology. Glauer is known to have been an admirer of Pangerman Guido von List and the fiercely anti-Semite Lanz von Liebenfels. Glauer was a rich man (the source of his wealth is unknown) and in 1918 he became the grand master of the Bavarian branch of germanenorden (inspired by Armani Guido List), it Transfomer the same year with Thule Society downstream of Pohl.

If a number of followers of the Thule Society were senior members of the Nazi party, Hitler himself never became a member. However, a member of the Thule Society, the dentist Dr. Friedrich Krohn, who chose the symbol of the swastika for the Nazi party.

It is probable that Dietrich Eckart that came the most significant influence on Hitler Thule. Eckart was a wealthy newspaper publisher newspaper publisher Auf gut Deutsch. He was a committed occultist and a member of the inner circle of the Thule Society. He is said to have taught Hitler techniques of suggestion and persuasion (some possibly mystical in nature). Fusse this profound, the book Hitler's Mein Kampf was dedicated to Eckart.


Organizations Gorsleben (1920)
Rudolf Gorsleben John (died 1930) was a member of the Thule Society, the Society aryosophique (1928) and the Order of the new temple (Ordo Novi Templi). He was also responsible for the great rival of the Nazi Party in South Germany, the Deutsch Völkiser S & T. It promotes the ideas of Aryo-Christianity.

Rudolf John Gorselben is based:

The German newspaper Freedom (1920), attended the racist anthropologist Hans Friedrich Karl Günther.
The Company or Eddagesellschaft Edda (1925) and his newspaper Hagal that promotes an Aryan religion, the pagan mythology, astrology and the occult. Among members of the Society Edda is the wife of General Ludendorff. The Edda Society is also close to the group of occultist Karl Maria Wiligut (1866-1946), which influence Himmler.

The Irmina of Wiligut
Karl Maria Wiligut (1866-1946) developed his own theory occulto-racist.


The "theory"
Karl Maria Wiligut proclaimed that the religion of the Germanic Irmina had been revealed in 12,500 BC to worship the Germanic god "Krist. Christianity today would have been a flight that Germanic tradition. The Irmina was beaten by a schism, the Wotan. The Catholic Church, Jews, Freemasonry would have ceased to turn stifling tradition Irmina.


Influence on Nazism
Karl Maria Wiligut have a great influence on Himmler. He will be responsible for the Ancient History section of the research institute of the SS, the Rush (not to be confused with the RSHA).



Esotericism and the Nazi regime

Hitler and the Occult

The opinion of historians
If Adolf Hitler had, overall, a relatively conservative attitude, even remote, with the occultist theories, he alleged, however, have experienced a "spiritual awakening" on the front during the First World War, especially when he was temporarily blinded by an attack enemy gas.

The American historian Richard Weikart (California State University) in 2001, summarizes the views of several historians of reference for the attitude of Hitler against the occult: "Neither Brigitte Hamann Ian Kershaw nor pay any attention to occult influences on Hitler and with good cause. Despite the mystical inclinations of some of the Viennese anti-Semites who influenced him (List and Liebenfels) and the neo-pagan tendencies of some of his entourage (Himmler, for instance), Hitler Had little or no interest in mystical and supernatural teachings or experiences. Privately he was contemptuous of Himmler's attempts to revive ancient German pagan rituals. Alan Bullock, in one of the best scholarly biographies to precede Hitler Kershaw's, is probably close to the truth in labeling Hitler a materialist who Spurned belief in anything supernatural, Despite his occasional vague rhetoric about Providence. ".

The idea of Hitler's occult comes in part from the conversation lent to Hitler and Hermann Rauschning published in 1939 (Hermann Rausch, Hitler Speaks, London, 1939). Rausch's writings have been much criticized by historians who consider it impossible to discern true from false.




The poem Odin Hitler

 In 1915, while serving in the German Army on the Western Front, Hitler wrote the following esoteric poem mentioning the pre-Germanic god Wotan Christian:

"Ich gehe manchmal in Rauhen Nächten
Zur Wotanseiche in den stillen Hain,
Mit dunklen Machtens einen Bund zu Flechten --
Die Runen zaubert mir der Mondenschein.
Und alle, die sich am Tage erfrechten,
Sie werden vor der Zauberformel klein!
Sie ziehen blank - doch statt zu den Strauß Flechten,
Erstarren sie zu Stalagmitgestein.
So scheiden Falschen die sich von den Echten --
Ich greife Fibelnest hinein in das
Und dann gebe den Guten und Gerechten
Mit meiner Gedeihn Formel und Segen. "
Who can be translated as:

"Sometimes I go on cold nights
Wotan's oak planted in the quiet woods
To seal a union by dark powers --
Magic: the runes appear to me in the moonlight!
And all those whose day is brightened the impudence
Become very small before the magic words!
They go right - but instead of weaving the bouquet
Petrified harden, become stalagmites.
Thus they are false-sorted with truths --
I take the nest of words
And then gives the good and just;
In my formula, grace and happiness. "
Occultism in the Nazi regime


Himmler and the SS rituals
The founder of Esoteric Hitlerism was Heinrich Himmler, who was fascinated more than any other official of the Third Reich (including Hitler) by the Aryan racialism (and not just Germanic) and the Odin Germanic. Himmler claimed to have seen himself as the spiritual successor or even the reincarnation of Heinrich (or Henry) I told the Fowler, Duke of Saxony and king of Germanic in the tenth century. He developed the SS rituals in honor of the old king and brought the bones of the latter in the crypt of the cathedral of Quedlinburg. Himmler even had his personal quarters constructed at Castle Wewelsburg decorated in honor of it.


The Ahnenerbe
The Ahnenerbe, branch of study "science" of the SS, also called by some the Nazi Occult Bureau, was dedicated to the study and conservation of ancestral heritage. It was originally dedicated to finding evidence of the superiority of the Aryan race, but she was also skilled in occult practices. Founded in 1935 by Himmler, the goals pursued by the Ahnenerbe were looking for particular places and objects as the mythical Atlantis and the Holy Grail (which pass such goals for the base of the Nazi archeology in movies Indiana Jones).

Much time and resources were devoted to research or the creation of a paradigm "historic", "cultural" and "science" that popularly accepted, anchoring ideas about the Aryan race "superior" in society German time. Mystical organizations such as the Thule Society, Schwarze Sonne, and others were created, linked to the elite SS and enacting rituals, initiations and beliefs specific.

Expeditions in Tibet, Nepal, Greece, Arctic, and New Swabia (Antarctica) were organized to search for the mythical nation "Aryan" of Hyperborea, whose capital, Ultima Thule, had allegedly been built by extraterrestrial ancestors of "Aryan race" from the solar system of Aldebaran, the controversial book by Yellow No. 5.

A German expedition to Tibet was organized to search the home of the original Aryan race, according to a documentary TV channel National Geographic. To this end, the expedition leader, Ernst Schaefer and his anthropologist Bruno Beger conceived molds of faces and carried out measurements of skull and nose.

Such expeditions were organized to search for objects semi-mythical purporting to convey the power or special powers to the holder, as the Holy Grail and the Lance.

Alfred Rosenberg and the temptation of a pagan religion
The main theorist Nazi lying in a line is the mystical philosopher Alfred Rosenberg. According to historian Richard Lionel, "he advocates the establishment of a new religion centering on German collective identity eventually refounded artificially, based on the" natural purity of blood "and a" renaissance germanico-Nordic. "".

According to Lionel Richard, "Under the Third Reich, at the instigation of Rosenberg and other leaders, including Agriculture Minister Walter Darre or SS chief Heinrich Himmler, the Nazis were tried for this" new religion ". " . She particularly expressed through a schedule of ceremonies (to power January 30, Memorial of the Heroes in March, the anniversary of leader and "communion" or "confirmation" of the Hitler Youth April 20th, the feast of work on the first mai , the summer solstice June 21, harvest festival in October, commemorating the "martyrs" of the putsch of 1923, the winter solstice at Christmas), prophetic tone of Hitler speeches, broadcast the picture of the Führer and Mein Kampf the newlyweds, hi Heil Hitler.

Yet Hitler himself would never declared himself publicly in favor of this cult, "too busy not to gang up against him all Christians." according to historian Richard Lionel. And Lionel Richard estimate that, overall, the neo-paganism has played a marginal role within the Nazi regime.

In Nazism, Adolf Hitler was occasionally compared to Christ, or revered as a messianic savior sent by God.

One of the prayers recited in the orphanages of the Third Reich Führer, mein Führer, von Gott mir gegeben, Beschützer erhalte und noch lange mein Leben. Du hast aus Deutschland errettete tiefster Not, Dir verdank ich mein täglich Brot. Führer, mein Führer, mein Glaube, mein Licht. Führer mein Führer, Verle mich nicht [ref. needed] This translates roughly as: guide, my guide, given to me by God protects me and keeps my life for long, You have saved Germany from the deepest misery, to you I owe my daily bread Guide, my guide, my faith, my Light, Guide, my guide, do not leave me.


"The Führer is deeply religious, though completely anti-Christian, he sees Christianity as a symptom of decadence. And because it is a branch of the Jewish race. "- Joseph Goebbels in his diary, December 28, 1939.
"Christianity is the prototype of Bolshevism: the mobilization of masses of slaves by Jews with the aim of undermining society. "-Adolf Hitler, 1941
"The German people, especially youth, have learned once again in evaluating people racially. He has once again hijacked the Christian theories of Christian education that has governed Germany for over a thousand years and has caused the decline of racial identity in Germany, and almost its racial death. "- Heinrich Himmler, May 22, 1936 in a speech to the Brocken, Germany.

The repression of companies by Nazi occultists
The attitude of the Nazi regime presents some ambiguities in its relations with the theories occulto-Aryan, tolerated in some (Himmler and the SS) and not in others.


If Artur Dinter (1927)
In 1927, Hitler dismissed from his position within the Nazi party Gauleiter of Thuringia, Artur Dinter, because he wanted too erect in religion Aryan racial purity. In 1928, Dinter was eventually expelled from the party when he publicly opposed Hitler on this decision.


Removal companies occultists (1942)
The Nazi party actively discouraged certain esoteric secret societies, international and sometimes even executed a number of high-ranking mystics in Europe - Freemasons and Rosicrucians above.

It is said that Aleister Crowley and Gurdjieff sought contact with Hitler, but this information is not confirmed at present. Hitler later wish to reject and turn openly ridiculous number of German mystics, in particular, the adepts of Freemasonry, of theosophy and anthroposophy.


Mysticism and Nazism after 1945 [edit]

Religious aspect: Esoteric Hitlerism
Esoteric Hitlerism is current trying to Hitler and Nazism a religion, not a single political current. It takes its origin from the mysticism developed by Himmler and the SS (see above).

Savitri Devi
With the fall of the Third Reich, Esoteric Hitlerism took the view that Hitler died at the end of the war, should now be deified. Savitri Devi was the first advocate of esoteric Hitlerism postwar (see her Hitlerian Esotericism and the Tradition, "Hitler and the Esoteric Tradition"), and connected to Hitler's Aryan ideology to that of the independence of India (particularly Hindus) as Subhash Chandra Bose. For her, the swastika was a symbol particularly important, since it represented the Aryan unity between Hindus and Germans (and also good fortune for the Tibetans). Devi integration Nazism in broadening the vision of Hindu cyclical history, with Hitler as an avatar of Vishnu (Kalki) and "Man against Time", pursuing the utopian project of bringing his people to Aryan era primordial perfect, and has also practical ways to combat the destructive forces that impede the achievement of this goal - a combination of the best traits of Akhenaton (visionary but ineffectual) and Genghis Khan (determined but selfish).

Miguel Serrano
The next major figure of the esoteric Hitlerism is Miguel Serrano, a Chilean diplomat. He wrote The Golden Ribbon - Esoteric Hitlerism ( "The golden ribbon-Hitlerian Esotericism") and Adolf Hitler, the Last Avatar ( "Adolf Hitler, the Last Avatar").

He believed that Hitler was in Shambhala, an underground center in Antarctica (previously located at the North Pole and Tibet), where he was in contact with the Hyperborean gods and from whence it arose again a day at the head of a fleet of UFOs to lead the forces of light (the Hyperborean, sometimes associated with Vril) against the forces of darkness (inevitably including, for Serrano, the Jews) in a final battle, before inaugurating a Fourth Reich.

He also tied the Aryans and their Hyperborean gods to the Sun and the Allies and the Jews to the Moon, and also reserves its ideology in a certain way to SS, which by their desire to recreate the ancient race of Aryan god-men , seemed then a high moral and justified despite the apparent cruelty of their acts.




The debate between historians

The precursors of the occult interpretation (1950-1960)
American historians Jackson Spielvogel (Pennsylvania State University) and David Redl (Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, Ohio) are up to date in 1997, research on the sources of Nazi occultists to the following sponsors:

Joachim Besser in 1950 (Joachim Besser, Der Pate Okkultismus booth, in Archiv der Gesellschaft zur Pflege unabhängigen junger Kunst und Wissenschaft, Peine, 1949 Die Vorgeschichte des National-Sozialismus im neuem Licht, Die Pforte 2, 1950)
Germany and the historian George L. Mosse in the early 1960s (The Mystical Origins of National Socialism, in Journal of the History of Ideas No. 22, January-March 1961, and The Crisis of German Ideology, New York, 1964).
They also cite (note) the anti-Nazi Catholic psychologist Wilfried Daim (Der Mann, der Hitler die Ideen gab, Munich, 1958).

The position of history "academic"
American historians Jackson Spielvogel and David Redler believe that the path opened by Joachim Besser and George Mosse "has not been commonly pursued by academic historians." and that "the standard histories of the Third Reich seems content to repeat a litany of well-established people and movements that have influenced the thinking of Hitler." They believe in their article of note in 1997 that mass production of low-argued book for the general public on the subject could be recognized as historians.

Historians traditionally supported the birth of Nazism on matters of political or socio-economic. The British historian of Nazi reference Ian Kershaw (British Academy) and gives his works in a very limited questions of occultism.

The French historian Pierre Ayçoberry (University of Strasbourg) summarizes (in criticism of a book by historian Robert A. Pois, Religion of Nature and National Socialism.) Majority position of the scientific history that these elements are "fabrications without consequences, Paravas personal ambitions or frauds."

Theses latest for interpretation occultist
Spielvogel and Redler noted in 1997 that some more recent historians - Jeffrey Goldstein (On Racism and Anti-Sernitism in Occultism and Nazism, Yad Vashem Studies 13, 1979) and James Webb (The Occult Establishment, LaSalle, IL, 1976) - "have emphasized the importance of the occult in general in the emergence of Nazi ideology. "

Spielvoel Redler and support for their part in 1997 that "racial thinking occult or esoteric may indeed have been a major source of racial ideology of Hitler".


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